Giving clinicians superpowers

Rhazes uses AI to make every aspect of clinicians' work as smooth as possible. An end-to-end assistant.

An all-in-one solution

Save time

Doctors currently spend two hours doing paperwork for every one hour spent with patients. Rhazes reduces this by more than 90%.

Save money

Rhazes delivers >$350 in value per patient visit, saving on the costs of paperwork, error and burnout. Problems which cost the world around $6 trillion.

Save lives

Rhazes addresses diagnostic errors which kill 1 in 10 people and ensures doctors always have access to evidence-based management plans.

Save careers

The leading causes of physician burnout are excessive paperwork and spending too much time at work. Rhazes tackles both.

Ready to be used today

Transform the care you provide to patients and become part of this AI-powered revolution in healthcare.

Built by clinicians for clinicians

Rhazes was built by clinicians who deeply understand the work clinicians do, the pain points they face and how things can be improved.

Compliant with all data protection regulations

Rhazes is HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and PIPEDA compliant. You can use our platform with confidence.

Rooted in science

All our product development and strategy is being guided by the rapidly growing evidence base in this emerging field.

"This will be a revolution in healthcare. It will alleviate almost every major bottleneck in medical practice and administration."

Dr. Lanre Olaitan, Physician and Health Technologist

There's even more to Rhazes

Improving communication

Rhazes can create a presentation-ready patient summary, enhance your documentation and ensure that messages between doctors always contain the important points.

Never lose out on billable revenue

Hospitals miss out on up to 25-30% of billable revenues. A large part of that is due to bad documentation. Rhazes improves clinical documentation at every step of the way whilst also streamlining and supercharging billing processes.

Make medicine more human

By helping with rote and analytical tasks and freeing up clinician time and cognitive bandwidth, Rhazes allows clinicians to focus more on the human aspects of their profession, such as empathy, communication and human understanding.


Save lives, time, costs and eliminate burnout.

Only to be used by medical professionals and in the legally appropriate manner

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